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Complete ARM-based Development Kit and Design-in Services for Compact Banknote Recycler


Through the use of online payments, the popularity of electronic money has grown enormously these last few years, but real hard cash is still used every day by most people. Currency is the basis of global economics and it’s inevitable that counterfeit banknotes circulate in the financial system, and governments, banks, companies and individuals are all looking at ways to overcome the counterfeit banknote problem. A banknote recycler machine might be the best weapon to combat fake bills as these are smart enough to distinguish between real and fake notes. With a banknote recycler, receiving bogus bills is not something to worry about anymore.


In the past, banknote recycling machines were only used in large businesses like banks and casinos so the size of the machine didn’t really matter. However, as more and more stores and companies received fake notes, they started searching for banknote recycling machines to protect their own interests. One of the leading companies of banknote recycler machines found that new customers were asking for a small-sized functional banknote recyclers, but at that time they didn’t really have this kind of solution. New customers had no interest in the traditional stand-alone, powerful banknote machines, they want something compact, noiseless, power saving, cost effective and it needed to be portable.


Advantech ROM-7420 is a cost-effective Computer-on-Module based on advanced ARM technology. It provides plenty of I/O and outstanding system performance to easily run the banknote identifier device which categorizes the notes by country or by value. The advanced graphic engine also helped distinguish fake notes by using a graphical analysis program developed by the banknote machine designer.

Development Kit for Prototype

Advantech offered a ROM-7420 development kit to the designer in order to provide them with a simple and quick way to evaluate performance. The development kit includes everything they need including ROM-7420 module board and its corresponding carrier board ROM-DB7500, a 12V AC/DC power adapter, cables to connect peripherals, and an LED panel for display and touch panel development. Building a prototype using the development kit meant less effort and they received lots of reference documents from Advantech’s website to help them. In the end, theROM-7420 development kit efficiently speeded up development and helped get the next generation banknote recycler to the market faster.

Advantech Design-in Service

In the middle of development, a fatal issue popped up which bothered the designer and risked the product’s launch schedule. Advantech jumped in without hesitation with a professional support team focused on software and hardware debugging. As a result of providing timely support and onsite service to their customer, they were able to quickly resolve all issues and get the project back on track. Advantech customers enjoy a dedicated global support team for ARM-based technology design-in services. No matter where you are, you can easily contact with Advantech’s team and get the resources you need. They can help you debug and fine-tune your system in a short time, and can also offer free training courses. For more information, please visit


  • Qseven 1.2 Computer-on-Module
  • NXP i.MX6 plus Dual/Quad 1GHz
  • DDR3 1 GB/2 GB; 4 GB e.MMC Flash Memory
  • Rich I/O for device control
  • 7-year longevity support


  • 7 inch High Brightness LED
  • 4-wire Resistive Touch
  • Reliable touch assembly
  • Standard 2-year warranty