Build a sustainable industry, embrace a green world
Global climate change is a key subject today, and we're proud to be a guardian in protecting the global environment. Advantech is devoted to building sustainable supply chains that focus on green design, green manufacturing and green products. We never allow toxic substances as specified by worldwide laws and regulations to be used in our products; we design for minimum greenhouse gas emissions, strictly conduct greenhouse gas examinations, prevent potential air and water pollution, and are concerned about carbon footprint exposure. Advantech is committed to global environmental protection and a sustainable green industry.

In addition to environmental protection practices through Advantech, we also believe it is worthwhile to recognize that nature is a part of and all around us. We encourage Advantechers to walk outdoors, be at one with and be nurtured by nature. We also specifically arrange for all kinds of close-to-nature and ecological friendly journeys for Advantechers, such as visits to organic farms and tea plantations, allowing our employees to really understand and enjoy the beauty of our planet and the cycles of nature from sowing, through cultivation and harvesting.