The Elite100 Internship Program comprises the Early Design Internship and the Industrial App (I.App) UI/UX Design Internship. These two internships invite promising industrial design, service design, and UI/UX design undergraduates and postgraduates, as well as MBA students to collaborate on new products and I.App projects to advance their expertise.

Advantech has hosted the Early Design Internship for more than a decade. Every year, our product group and designers lead teams of interns in user scenario analysis and field studies aimed at new product or new service concepts. Interns are tasked with creating new innovative designs to resolve difficulties in relevant industries and satisfy market demands. Early Design emphasizes taking users as the starting point, infusing design thinking into the industry and market, and shortening the distance between product design and field application.

Similarly, Advantech has recently developed a series of domain-focused I.Apps on WISE-PaaS, its industrial IoT data application platform. Advantech understands I.Apps’ ease-of-use, high reproducibility, and user-friendly interface play a key role in the digital transformation of domain industries. In light of this, Advantech invites interns focused on UI/UX into new I.App design and development projects. These interns help develop and validate interface designs through field research and workflow analysis, thereby making IoT applications more user-friendly for industry users.

The Elite100 Internship provides project-based internship opportunities to junior or senior undergraduate and master students. Every intern project is carefully selected to ensure its capacity for innovation to advance students’ practical field expertise.