Advantech believes that the maturity of IoT and AI technologies will lead to impressive growth in the industry, as well as creating many beneficial solutions to society and the environment. So in 2019, Advantech kicked off the "AIoT Developer InnoWorks" program and invited several universities around the world to develop innovative IoT apps which help create a cleaner, safer, and more convenient society. This program provides internship allowances, free training courses, free access to the WISE-PaaS industrial IoT application platform, team rewards, and opportunities for international communication. For more details, please see: .

This program was evolved from the TiC100 competition, which was started by the Advantech Foundation in 1997. Advantech Foundation has always considered industry-academia collaboration, innovative learning, and talent discovery as its primary direction of effort. Among all industrial-academic activities, the TiC100 competition was the earliest.

Since 1999 TiC100 has been through several transformations, from an entrepreneur competition, to an innovative business model competition, to an internship program. For over 20 years, Advantech Foundation has helped young talent learn how to integrate resources effectively and understand business operations and models, as well as allowing students to experience the real world of work in professional environments.

Over time, the curtain has fallen on TiC100, but Advantech will continue to cultivate young talent through the AIoT developer InnoWorks program and Elite 100 Internship.