"Working and Learning toward a Beautiful Life" is the driving force for Advantechers. Advantech ABLE Club was founded with the aim of encouraging Advantechers to study actively, live seriously, and contribute ubiquitously during their spare time. Through involvement in the four areas of sports, LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), arts, and altruism, we hope to deepen the emotional communications between Advantechers and their families and increase the cohesive forces of society.

Advantechers not only gain a full sense of achievement and acknowledgment in the course of normal work, but also share in caring activities with families, colleagues, and other social welfare organizations through the rich activities of the ABLE Club, thus expanding benefits to the entire community.

Through activities carefully designed by the Advantech Welfare Committee, our caring impulses are expanded from employees to their families, and are sent forth through altruistic services to all corners of the society. Through the Advantech Foundation industry/academy cooperation platform, we irrigate the young seedlings of society, helping them grow into luxuriant and tall trees, able in turn to nourish society with the results of what they have learned. Through the Advantech ABLE Club, our efforts enable a beautiful life for Advantechers, and the unselfish benefits radiate out to let more people have a beautiful life!